Somewhere between the traditions

of classical elegance and the

sensibilities of urban liveliness,

Mary Jo Bochner strikes a

graceful balance with design.


Mary Jo believes that fine design is born out of careful collaboration with the homeowner, architect, builder and all those who give their time and effort in creating a beautiful home. It's a process, one that evolves slowly and carefully in an organic form.


Striving for fresh, thoughtful, balanced design, she skillfully layers texture, color and scale to create an enduring home that will provide a feeling of timeless elegance for years to come. Ultimately, Bochner Design's goal is to facilitate an expression of the clients' style within the spaces they inhabit.


Trained at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, Mary Jo's refined design sense honors the past, infusing history with the present. She creates a juxtaposing design language that harmoniously marries all surfaces, indoors and out.